• Pomsky Breeders Association

  • About

    The PBA is a group for reputable pomsky breeders who strive to better the breed, produce top quality, and authentic pomsky puppies. As members of the PBA we truly care for the breed and will uphold the breed standard and values we have as reputable pomsky breeders. We don't allow outcrossing to the pomsky except the American Eskimo, German Spitz and the Klein.

    • New members must provide AKC paperwork for sire and dam, If sire and dam are not AKC, member must provide DNA proof that the sire and dam are Siberian Husky, Pomeranian or a pomsky cross.

    • New members must show photos of sire and dam.

    • What are your goals with becoming a pomsky breeder?

    • How could YOU benefit the pomsky breed?

  • Code of Ethics

    • I agree to be honest in disclosing all information that I have about a dog, puppy or pedigree, including concerns about health, temperament, or DNA.

    • I agree both sire and dam will be cleared as healthy by a licensed veterinarian before breeding and will have at least a genetic disease panel performed.

    • I agree I will provide veterinarian or home health records proving sire and dam are up to date on vaccinations when asked.

    • I agree to provide a safe, clean, humane environment for all dogs and puppies.

    • I agree to meet their nutritional, mental, emotional health, medical needs and exercise requirements.

    • I agree I will not sell a puppy to a puppy mill, broker or pet store. I will screen the families of potential buyers to ensure the puppy will have a life long loving home.

    • I agree to not breed a female before 12 months of age or second heat cycle.

    • I agree I will not breed a male before 12 months of age unless he has been vet checked as healthy to breed and needs to be tested for genetic diseases.

    • Failure to abide by the code of ethics will result in removal from the PBA and banned.

  • Approved Breeders List

    Melissa Byers

    Ocean View Pomskies

    North Bend, Oregon



    Zaidy Tjelmeland

    SZ Rolling Acres LLC Pomskies Of Iowa

    Ames, Iowa


    Aerika Newman

    Red Rock Ranch Breeders

    Clarkston, Utah


    Cheri Foster

    Hill Top Pomskies & Huskies

    Success, Missouri


    Miranda Versteeg

    Kaelel Kennels

    McAlester, Oklahoma


    Kim Schrader

    Schrader Pomskies

    Bristow, Oklahoma


    Cheyenne Kunzler

    Pomsky Lollipop

    Vernal, Utah



    Meg Albera

    Angels Creek Pomskies

    Bradley, IL


    McKinley Spillman

    Spillman's Specialty Breeding

    Edmonton Kentucky



    Mike and Christy Johnson

    Purely Pomskies

    Fredericksburg, Virginia



    Jennifer and Clay Turner

    Smoky Mountain Pomskies



    Kristi Schwartz

    Upland Pomskies




    Mischa Nelson

    Brookside Pomsky




    Brooke Byers Hatzell

    Hatzoff Pomskies




    Stephanie Elliot

    Platinum Pomskies




    Julie Proskocil

    Pomsky Delights

    Columbia, Missouri


    Adam Smith and Mike Peterson

    Middle Tennessee Pomskies




    Shandra Carr

    Goodness Gracious Pomskies



    Krstin McGhie

    Nerverland Pomskies




    UK Pomsky Breeders

    Jessica Louise

    Prestige Pomskies- UK Pomsky Breeders


    Joanne Brown

    Cocoafrost Pomskies


    Clare Baker

    Nashobastar Pomskies


    Ken Somner

    Kimara's Pomskys


    Pat Prima